It is summertime baby! And the living is easy!

With summertime comes the best parts of the season...S'MORES!

With s'mores, you obviously have to have a little bonfire or campfire!

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However, because of all of the Clean Action Days, you may not have that option as of right now.

Is it considered illegal to burn things in your campfire?


What Does Michigan Have To Say?

According to the State of Michigan,

Public Act 102 of 2012 was signed into law on April 19th, 2012, prohibiting the open burning of household trash that contains plastic, rubber, foam, chemically treated wood, textiles, electronics, chemicals, or hazardous materials. The burning of these household trash items poses a danger to human health and the environment. The law amends the open burning provisions contained in Section 11522 of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act (Public Act 451 of 1994). The law contains penalty provisions, which may be enforced by local units of government, should a local ordinance not exist.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Health Risks

When it comes to burning anything, especially trash, toxic fumes can cause major problems for humans and wildlife alike.

Chemicals from the burning of household trash may include hydrogen cyanide, sulfur dioxide, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, benzene, lead, mercury, and dioxin. The fine particulate matter, containing a variety of chemicals, can have acute and chronic health effects on exposed people including cardiovascular and respiratory conditions (e.g., asthma). Long-term and repeated exposure to some of the chemicals emitted during trash burning have been shown to impair neurodevelopment in children, the immune system, the reproductive system, and thyroid function. Some pollutants have been shown to contribute to the onset of diabetes and cancer. Many of these pollutants emitted can persist in the environment, resulting in future exposures to both people and wildlife. People conducting open burning of household trash as their main method of disposal will frequently be exposed to these hazardous substances. People living in the surrounding area (i.e., neighbors within several hundred feet) will also be frequently exposed to these hazardous substances.

Grand Rapids Law

Just in case you did not know how the city of Grand Rapids feels about burning trash, here you go!

According to Ordiance No. 486,

No person shall burn or allow the burning of any trash or garbage upon any premises within the Township unless such burning shall take place in a fireplace, furnace, approved incinerator, or other receptacle constructed for that purpose located inside a dwelling or other building, except as hereinafter provided.

Be smart this summer!

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