Do you feel like Grand Rapid's income tax process has been too complicated? Well, the City has now simplified it!

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The city of Grand Rapids says a new tax form could benefit 85-percent of its residents.

The Grand Rapids Income Tax Department has changed up its process and says the new, more simplified process will benefit 85% of residents! You can now pay city income taxes with a new EZ City Tax Form, according to WOOD.

If you have been living in the city of Grand Rapids for the entire year during 2016 with income only derived from wages, interest or dividends with none of the income being excludable from the Grand Rapids Income tax return, then you're eligible to use the form.

There are some restrictions for using the EZ Form:

If you only live in GR part of the year or are a non-resident
If you received payments from alimony
If you had Grand Rapids business income (Schedule C), or sold or exchanged property (Schedule D or 4797)
If you had taxable IRA distributions, pension/annuity distributions or supplemental income (Schedule E or F)
If you had miscellaneous income, exclusions, or adjustments, or credits paid by a Corporation

You can email the Income Tax Office with any questions your might have at or call 616.456.3415. The Income Tax Office is located on the third floor of Grand Rapids City Hall (300 Monroe Avenue NW) and is open Monday-Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Remember, the GR tax return deadline is May 1.

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