As the Christmas weekend approaches, this is the time of year when the scammers scam and the thieves steal more than ever.


Retail theft is always an issue, but it gets worse as the holiday season comes around.

As for big retailers like Walmart, things get stolen all over in different cities and states, including Michigan.

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According to the National Retail Federation,

"retail loss is a nearly $100 billion problem, and there's evidence the problem is growing."

It is getting crazy out here. With this season being the height of the thefts, retailers are starting to crack down even more.

How Stores Fighting Against Retail Theft

When you go into stores like Walmart, most of the big-money items are being put behind locked cases.


However, stores are getting even more serious about locking items such as laundry detergent because of the multiple thefts.

Plus, stores have been installing cameras that not only lock in on your face while at self-checkout but also have cameras that watch you from above to see what you scan.

Even with all of these precautions, thefts are still at an all-time high.

Walmart Posts Strong First Quarter Earnings
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Business Insider shared the list of the most commonly stolen items.

"Retail criminals steal across many different product categories, per the National Retail Federation."


You may be surprised that many of these stolen items are not even big-money items that can be resold.

What do you think the most commonly stolen items are? If you want to know the items, you can find out below.

The 11 Most Stolen Items From Walmart Stores

These are the items Walmart identifies as the most frequently stolen in their stores.

Gallery Credit: Emily

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