I’m definitely one for ambiance when I’m going out to eat. Rainforest Café and Casa Bonita both sold me just because of what’s happening on the inside.   It seems that we have a new restaurant that is both very cool ambiance-wise and tasty!

The Commons opened Wednesday according to WZZM 13 and is a 1970’s themed restaurant.  It’s set at 547 Cherry St., in the Heritage Hill neighborhood.

WZZM13 says the menu is comfort food and craft beers along with “modernized 70s-themed drinks”. They will specialize in corn mac and cheese along with cauliflowered fried rice. They also plan to have a small grocery section and to-go beer and wine.

Beth Rich told WZZM13 the décor is based off her childhood memories and that she has been saving memorabilia for the eatery.

"We wanted to have a theme and spectacular decor to match the food, it's a whole experience," Rich said, "the goal is that people will want to take their time and feel at home – it's not always about turning over a seat.”

As you can see from the pics, the place really does feel like you’ve stepped back in time.  Even the glassware is vintage.



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