Shoutout to the Detroit Tigers.

Ray Del Rio/MLB via Getty Images
Ray Del Rio/MLB via Getty Images

In their game against the Chicago White Sox, they won 3-2!

While that was definitely a moment, that was not the highlight of the night.

That crown was taken by a balloon sword.

What Happened?

It all started because broadcasters Jason Benetti and Steve Stone were giving a play-by-play rundown of the journey of a balloon object going across the field.

Awful Announcing says that,

"The object in question went from fair territory to foul territory to looking like it would blow into the stands to dropping into the White Sox dugout."

The issue with the balloon object was that it looked just like a phallic body part if you catch my drift.

CJ Fogler on Twitter
CJ Fogler on Twitter

It became such a hilarious moment that Benetti and Stone had to keep talking about it.

"Now we have a, a sword. Benintendi doesn't need a weapon out there in left field, so he's going to let it roll by."

Stone even said that this was probably the most fun he has had calling a White Sox game this year. As Awful Announcing said,

"Sometimes, a sword is not a sword."

The commentary was a truly great moment. If you want to see the full video, you can watch it below. It is truly a sight to see.

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