Drake has shied away from interviews in recent years, but he's still got time for his good friend, Kentucky basketball head coach John Calipari. In a 45-minute podcast, Drake reveals many interesting tidbits, chief among them that he plans to start acting more after he drops his next project, More Life.

Obviously, Drake's first major career gig was his role as Jimmy Brooks on the TV show Degrassi. Since then, he's acted in some hilarious skits for Saturday Night Live. As a result, it makes sense that he'd try his hand at larger movie roles at some point.

"Acting is another thing that I just can’t wait to really dive into," Drake says on Coach Cal's podcast. "I think after I release More Life, which is this playlist I’m working on, and finish this tour, I think I’m going to really start to position myself in the acting world and, hopefully, take some great roles."

During his conversation with Calipari, the 30-year-old OVO artist also discusses the forthcoming More Life project, which is actually going to be an Apple Music playlist. Drake says he's putting out More Life "to keep people excited, give them new music, let them know I’m still hungry. I’m doing it to be remembered as a forward thinker. I want to be remembered… as an emotion-evoking artist."

At one point in the interview, the "5AM in Toronto" rapper breaks down how and why he stays hungry in the rap game. His explanation brings to mind the mentality of insanely hard-working athletes like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.

"At the end of the day, It’s all about the time you’re willing to put in. And, my biggest fear is always when I’m not doing it, there’s someone else that’s doing it," Drake says. "That’s my biggest fear in life. When I’m not doing it. When I take a night off for my personal life. When I choose to decompress or relax... not in the back of my mind, in the front of my mind, my biggest fear is if somebody’s not relaxing right now and they’re going to stumble upon something."

You can listen to the podcast in its entirety below via SoundCloud.

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