Every little girl deserves a community of women nurturing them to grow into amazing women.

Three West Michigan organizations are gearing up to do just that.

Have you heard of the EmbraceHer Summit?

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What Is The EmbraceHer Summit?

Helping Other Adolescents Prosper, Inc., (HOAP), Girls Growing 2 Women (GG2G) and the Heart of West Michigan United Way are partnering together to host the upcoming Embrace Her Summit.

It is all about breaking barriers and fostering sisterhood for young women of color across Kent County.

On July 18th from 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM, the Embrace Her Summit is happening with workshops for teenage girls 12-17 years old.

With workshops on mental health and more, the young ladies will also be hearing from the keynote speaker, Donasia Jackson.

As a criminal justice professional, Donasia Jackson's conversation is all about empowering these young women to conquer challenges thrown their way as they grow into successful businesswomen.

However, tickets are no longer available for the event. The organizations even released more tickets that were immediately bought.

While the event may be sold out, you can still support all of the organizations putting through this summit.


Helping Other Adolescents Prosper, Inc., is all about setting up and "developing the next generation of introspective thinkers and resilient young adults."

This nonprofit has a range of services that they offer including:

  •  mentorship,
  • coaching, and
  • community outreach programs

HOAP also heavily supports young mothers with initiatives such as Moms on Wheels, which provides low-income mothers and their children with safe, affordable, and reliable transportation to and from appointments, school, work, and grocery shopping.

HOAP is even hosting a Mommy Meet Up for Saturday, July 13th from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM at Garfield Park.

Girls Growing 2 Women

Founded by Latasha Robertson-Crump, Girls Growing 2 Women works to empower and educate young women between 14-18 years old across the greater Grand Rapids area.

On GG2G's website, Latasha shared that she "realized adolescents, who may be on the right track, must still overcome risk factors in their environments that may derail their path. I also realized that not all adolescent girls have a strong supportive network to steer them in the right direction. GG2W was birthed to fill the gaps by providing support, education and guidance for young ladies, while developing a sisterhood!"

If you know any young women who would love to be apart of Girls Growing 2 Women family, you can apply today!

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