Governor Gretchen Whitmer's social media game is on point!

Her team always has her doing the latest trends specifically for Michiganders.

This time around, Governor Whitmer has a trending TikTok hit on her hands.

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Governor Gretchen Whitmer shared her own version of the "We're From Michigan" TikTok trend.

"When you think of all the amazing things that make us Michiganders, what’s your favorite?"
Michigan Governor Whitmer Speaks On State's Primary Election Day
Bill Pugliano, Getty Images
In the first clip, Big Gretch shares her first Michigan favorite.
"We're from Michigan. Of course we drink pop, not soda."
As a Michigan transplant, saying pop just feels wrong but okay Big Gretch.
Next, Governor Whitmer has the same idea that all Michiganders feel about the Lions this year.
"We're from Michigan. Of course, we think the Lions are going to the Super Bowl this year."
She continues with her claim that "the Fresh Coast is the best coast." Do you agree?
Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images
Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images
In another clip, Governor Whitmer corrects everyone's pronunciation of an iconic Michigan travel destination.
"We're from Michigan. Of course, we know how to pronounce Tahquamenon Falls."
Can you pronounce it?
As Big Gretch does so well, she added Michigan's political views as well.

"We're from Michigan. Of course, we're for reproductive rights."

As every state should be!
One of the best clips in this TikTok has to be when Governor Whitmer mentions the roads.
"We're from Michigan. Of course, we are always fixing the damn roads."
This is the truest statement. Michigan roads are always getting fixed for a ridiculous amount of time.
There are more "We're from Michigan" ideas that she gave.
You have to watch the full video here.
@biggretchwhitmerWhen you think of all the amazing things that make us Michiganders, what’s your favorite?♬ original sound - BigGretchWhitmer

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