The Gerald R. Ford International Airport is getting a makeover.

On your next visit out or to the Grand Rapids airport, you may see some new eye-catching additions to the property.

Have you seen the new murals coming to the airport?

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Grand Rapids Airport Murals

Taking a drive at the airport just became a tad bit more peaceful, thanks to Dania Grevengoed.

The local artist is adding the final touches to a series of murals that she has created for the airport's main road leading to and from the airport.

On Friday, June 28th, Dania Grevengoed finished painting 12 murals that she is set to apply varnish to this week.

So, if you are planning to drive to the airport any time soon, you will see the murals in all of their glory.

The mural series is titled Growth (but they've been here the whole time). It depicts different line drawings of plants that are native to the West Michigan area.

While the mural will show the plants' beauty, it is also set to emphasize the ecological importance of each plant to our region.

Grevengoed spoke with our friends at FOX 17 about the reasoning behind these murals.

"I paint overlooked and underappreciated beneficial plants at a much larger size to help make them noticed, to have people appreciate the necessity of these plants. I want to bring the peace and beauty of nature to everyone."

The colors represent each of their habitats: tan for the dunes, green for the woodlands, blues for the wetlands, and white for the plants in multiple different habitats.

Will you be checking out the murals at the airport soon?

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