As fall season approaches, that means that is almost spooky season!

There are actually a lot spooky and haunted history throughout West Michigan, specifically Grand Rapids.

Do you know about Holmdene Manor?

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Haunted Grand Rapids College

If you have ever attended or know someone who attended Aquinas College, you should know all about Holmdene Manor.

It is the major property for a lot of history and a lot of haunted legends.

A few paranormal lovers claim that the manor is haunted the ghost of a little boy.

The Lowes

Find A Grave
Find A Grave

The Saint & Michigan Haunted Houses shared the story about the Lowe family.

Edward Lowe and his wife, Susan Blodgett Lowe were public figures in Grand Rapids back in the early 1900s.

Find A Grave
Find A Grave

The couple lived in the well-known Heritage Hills area of the city.

Their names may sound familiar because the Lowes are also responsible for funding both the Blodgett and Butterworth hospitals.

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Holmdene Manor

Aquinas College
Aquinas College

The Lowes purchased the McCoy dairy farm, which is now the Holmdene Manor. It was considered one of the finest estates in all of West Michigan. There was even a movie filmed there in 1915 and President Theodore Roosevelt also visited in 1911.

The Holmdene Manor was owned by the Lowes until 1939 when it was sold to The University of Grand Rapids. It was later bought by the Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids in 1945.

Haunted Holmdene Manor

The Saint
The Saint

WIth all of that history in the manor, I believe that there could be ghosts lurking around.

Michigan's Haunted Houses says that the Lowes' youngest child, James Lowe, is the center of the hauntings.

"The property is rumored to be haunted by one of their children. Their son allegedly drowned on the premises and his spirit is said to linger, turning on the lights after security has turned them off and locked the building. His ghost also likes to turn the water faucets on."
Do you believe that the Holmdene Manor is haunted?

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