Grand Rapids Public Schools announced Tuesday they are canceling the big back to school party they throw at John Ball Park and instead will focus on "neighborhood-centric" ice cream socials.

In the Press release, GRPS say that while the big party has been successful for years, they are hoping the ice cream socials will make it more inclusive and accessible to students and parents across the city.

Teresa Weatherall Neal, Superintendent of Schools, said in the press release:

“We are committed to equity, inclusion, customer service, and ensuring our schools are welcoming, open, and accessible. We believe that transitioning to neighborhood-centric events will meet these goals and further connect our schools to their neighborhoods.”


The events which are free to the public will still feature games and informational booths.

Below are a list of the dates and locations of the GRPS ice cream socials.   For more specific info associated with each event, the press release says to call the individual school location get details.

courtesy of GRPS
courtesy of GRPS



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