WOW! In all of my travels, I have been to some dirty cities.

While I love my home city of Washington, D.C., you cannot go a block without seeing trash scattered around.

Well, this study found the dirtiest and cleanest cities. I wonder if you would agree.

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Lawnstarter Study

Lawnstarter set up a study that ranks 150 of the biggest cities across the country to see who was the trashiest of them all.

"Lawnstarter ranked 2023's Dirtiest Cities in America following one of the trashiest times of the year, the winter holiday season. We compared over 150 of the biggest U.S. cities across four categories, including pollution, living conditions, infrastructure, and consumer satisfaction."

Many of the cities on this list are not surprising to me in the slightest.

However, when I looked at Grand Rapids' ranking, I was entirely confused.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Grand Rapids Ranking

Now, let me be candid, this ranking does not sit well with my spirit.

However, according to Lawnstarter's study, Grand Rapids is sitting at number 128 on the ranking.

Since there are only 152 cities on this list and number one is the dirtiest, that means that Grand Rapids is apparently one of the cleanest cities in the country.

I would have to disagree!

I do not know if you have been downtown recently, but there is definitely piles of trash scattered around the streets as we speak.

Corbis via Getty Images
Corbis via Getty Images

Whenever it is the weekend or Woods or Social House are open, there are bound to be cups and debris everywhere!

I just do not think this study did a proper assessment.

What do you think? Is Grand Rapids REALLY one of the cleanest cities in the country?

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