Get it together, Google Earth!

There are always strange things that I see on Google Earth.

However, this one takes the cake. Did you know that there may be a plane at the bottom of a West Michigan lake?

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Plane In The Lake

Now, I am not completely savvy in the world of Google Earth, but I know for a fact that there is something wrong with this picture.

Google Earth
Google Earth

According to Jamie So from the Facebook group 'Grand Rapids Informed,' there seems to be a HUGE commercial airplane either floating on the surface of this lake or sunk into it.

Let's go on this ridiculous journey together, shall we?

If you take a deeper dive, what airline is this plane giving?

Well, if you zoom in on the plane, it has a Southwest Airlines logo on it.

Google Earth
Google Earth

Attention Southwest Airlines, do you happen to have a missing plane?

Some commenters are saying it is an Uber plane! Did you know that Uber had planes? I definitely did not.

However, one commenter has officially debunked my conspiracy.

Douglas Peters said,

If you scan back you will see that the same plane has been imaged on a northwest track all the way up to Green Lake and if I recall correctly, appears 13 or 14 times on its approach to GRR.

So hopefully, the plane landed safely and there are no airplanes within Barlow Lake.

Lake Barlow

Barlow Lake is actually south of the Gerald R. Ford Airport so it makes sense why planes would be flying over the lake.

The Barlow Lake Association website says that this is a top-tier lake in Michigan.

Barlow Lake is one of Michigan's premiere inland lakes with 187 acres and is known for some of the best fish, lake residents and boats around! It's also a place where the "proper attire" is required to kick back, relax, and enjoy lake living!

Do you believe that there is an airplane at the bottom of Lake Barlow? If you want to follow the plane, you can here.

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