When people think "wine country", they often think Italy, France, or California... More and more though, Michigan is getting recognition for its fantastic wines.

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Northern Michigan and the Michigan lake shore are often in the running for "best wine region in the U.S." contests.

Old Mission Peninsula Wine Trail, Facebook
Old Mission Peninsula Wine Trail, Facebook

Michigan resorts are also recognized as some of the "best wine country hotels" in the nation as well.

Now one of the world's top wine publications is highlighting Michigan's Rieslings. Decanter Magazine is published in 90 countries and is viewed as one of the world’s top wine authorities.

Last year, Decanter Magazine sent a review to Michigan to rank the Rieslings in the state.

Decanter shares what makes Michigan great for wine:

Lake Michigan, the fifth largest lake in the world, is an integral part of quality grape growing in the state. The Michigan coastline is extensive and full of peninsulas formed thousands of years ago due to glaciation. Arctic glaciers pushed south during the ice ages and carved out the major Great Lakes basin. The lake accumulates heat during the growing season and retains it through the autumn when temperatures drop, thus extending the growing season and giving the ‘lake effect’ necessary to produce quality wine.

Chateau Travers City, Old Mission Peninsula Wine Trail/ Facebook
Chateau Travers City, Old Mission Peninsula Wine Trail/ Facebook

Riesling is the most widely-planted vinifera grape in Michigan, and Decanter points out the best places for them in the state are the Traverse Wine Coast and Lake Michigan Shore.

Rove Winery, Facebook
Rove Winery, Facebook

Below are Decanter's picks for the best Michigan Rieslings,

Considered one of the great white grapes of the world, Riesling is lauded by experts for its purity and versatility. Despite this, many consumers believe that all Riesling is sweet, when in fact, the grape can be vinified from a bone-dry wine to the stickiest botrytised style. Riesling is known for its prominent aromatics and high acidity.

All scored over 90 on a 100-point scale, making them “Highly Recommended.”

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