Michigan has its share of urban legends, most of them about something paranormal like ghosts or some kind of creature like the Dogman. But this one is an urban legend that is not scary – or even that far-fetched. In fact, it could be downright pleasant.

The place: Beaumont Tower.
The location: MSU campus
The legend: True Love's Kiss

First of all, Beaumont Tower is 104 feet tall and was constructed in 1928. It actually marks the spot of MSU's very first building, College Hall and, according to Wiki, is “the first building in America erected for instruction in scientific agriculture.”

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Unfortunately, College Hall didn't hold up well thanks to either poor construction or bad materials...or both, and finally collapsed in 1918. The tower was built after a suggestion by John W. Beaumont, an MSU alumni member. From then on, it served as a reminder of that first building and as a “monument to teaching”.

It also stands for something else: “True Love's Kiss”.

This legend says if you are with another person at this spot and you kiss, it will be pre-destined for you to marry. There is a stipulation: you can't just walk up there, kiss, and split. You need to stand in that spot and kiss either in the shadow of the tower or at Midnight.

Two other Michigan campuses have adopted this legend: UM's kissing takes place at Midnight under the Engineering Arch of the Diag. CMU's kissing site is under the seal in front of Warriner Hall.

CMU's legend goes further: a boy and girl were supposed to meet under the seal at midnight but the boy's car broke down. The girl kept waiting through the freezing winter night, only to be found frozen to death the next day by her boyfriend. He gave her the kiss and then died of  a broken heart. Now their ghosts meet every Midnight under the seal.

Go try "True Love's Kiss" for yourself...

Beaumont Tower, MSU


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