Back-to-school season is here!

Everyone is getting ready to represent their schools as being the best.

However, there is only one high school that can take the title of being the oldest high school in the entire state.

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Family Minded compiled a list of the oldest high schools in each state all across the country.

"Curious to know which high schools rank among the oldest in the country? We've rounded up the oldest high school in every state - one of which dates back nearly 400 years and another that served as a hospital for Union soldiers during the American Civil War."


Oldest Michigan High School

According to Family Minded and all of the research that I did on Google, there is one Michigan high school that takes the honor of being the oldest high school in the state of Michigan.

Central High School!


Sadly, not the Central High School in Grand Haven! It is the one that is located in Detroit.

"Located in Detroit, Central High School has seen a lot over its near two centuries servicing the Detroit community. In 1893, the original structure was destroyed by a fire. Then, in 1896, ut was rebuilt and changed locations - and today it serves just 350 students across grades 9 to 12."

Besides being the oldest public high school in the state, the school also has gained a reputation of being Detroit's best high school, according to Historic Detroit.

Central High School is all about setting students up for college success.


The school's website says,

"Central High School is a major part of Detroit's history. It was the first public high school in the CIty of Detroit and the second oldest high school in the State of Michigan. Our academic programs are designed to prepare students for the next steps in life and their education."

Oldest Private High School

There is technically an older high school in the state of Michigan.

Private School Review says that the oldest private high school in the state is the Academy Of The Sacred Heart!

The Academy Of The Sacred Heart was founded in 1851 in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

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