It's been five years since we've gotten a new album from Janelle Monáe—but the wait is over. The singer has returned with two tracks from her upcoming album, Dirty Computer, "Make Me Feel" and "Django Jane."

After delving into film, with notable turns in movies including Hidden Figures and Moonlight, Monae is back flexing her creative music muscles with two dope new visuals. "Make Me Feel," directed by Alan Ferguson (who is married to Solange) is very "San Junipero"-esque (Black Mirror's flagship episode), finds her dabbling with different lovers, hanging out in arcades and shining in front of vibrant backdrops.

"Django Jane" is directed by Andrew Donoho and Chuck Lightning (of Wondaland's Deep Cotton) with additional vagina monologue footage directed byLacey Duke. The clip finds Monáe flexing her rap skills, as she opens the clip spitting about her background, her parent's working class roots, and basically daring folks to question her credibility or overall aesthetic.

With both visuals, Monáe continues with her Afro-futuristic themes, which will likely be carried on throughout Dirty Computer. It's a concept she first thoroughly explored on her debut EP, Metropolis Suite 1: (The Chase), where she introduced her alter-ego, a robot called Cindi Mayweather. She continued unveiling Afro-futuristic themes in work with her studio debut, 2010's The ArchAndroid and her sophomore effort, 2013's The Electric Lady.

Dirty Computer is the follow-up to Monàe's 2013's The Electric Lady. Watch the videos above and below.

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