One of the many destinations for Michiganders during the summertime is the shores of Lake Michigan.

All of the Great Lakes have many tales and stories related to them.

With all of the stories that you have heard, did you know that there may be an underground lake underneath Lake Superior?

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The Underground Lake


According to this article, there was a French explorer who heard rumors that there was an underground lake underneath Lake Superior.

I have lost the reference, but I read somewhere that when the French explorer Sir Duluth heard rumors of an underground lake beneath Lake Superior, he quipped in his native tongue, 'Lac d'Enfer' (literally: 'Lake of Hell').

It is insane that the hidden lake was called the Lake of Hell! However, it was later mistranslated to "Lake Inferior."

Then in 1870, a diver named William Bitter allegedly discovered an entrance to Lake Inferior, while he was working by the breakwater wall in Duluth.


Bitters went down in waters three times before the hole was set to be capped by the city.

However, Bitters did not make it back up from his underwater voyage.

The tripled length of his lifeline made communication increasingly difficult through the speaking tube. But he braved it anyway and failed to return. All his team got back was nearly the full length of the lifeline, which had been severed. There was speculation it had snagged between the sharp edges of a quartz extrusion. But no one except Bitter knew what conditions had been encountered.

This article tries to prove that this is a true story by citing notes from Professor Joseph Marrow at UMD and an incident report made by Marrow to the St. Louis County Sherriff.

The real question is..after all of that...

Could there really be a hidden lake underneath Lake Superior?

Turns out, no. The article from Perfect Duluth Daily doesn't lay it out in the story, but the article is complete satire.

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