We already know that catalytic converters are the current hot item for thieves, but now there’s something new that’s being targeted.

I've Heard Of Siphoning Gas, But Drilling Holes To Get It? That's Nuts!

I honestly wish this was just a stupid rumor, but the Dutton Fire Department in Gaines Township has posted on Facebook about having to be called to the scene where a hole was drilled into the gas tank of a car to steal their gasoline, which, you may have noticed, is more than a little expensive these days.

In a post from this past Saturday, July 16, the Department said this has happened around the area more than once, and its not a safe way to steal. Although I'm pretty sure that's the last thing crooks are thinking about.

Late this morning, DFD was dispatched out to a local business for a hazmat incident where a large amount of fuel had dumped from a vehicle.
It was discovered that the vehicle’s fuel tank had been tapped/drilled in two different places. It was done not for the sake of being destructive, but for the purpose of stealing the fuel.
We’re sharing this because other incidents are now being reported in the area and we would like to bring it to your attention.
If you can, park your vehicles in a garage. If not, park them where they can be monitored and illuminated by outdoor lights. Please report suspicious activity. With the cost of fuel, this probably shouldn’t surprise anyone, and it probably isn’t going away anytime soon.
If you’re unfortunate enough to fall victim to the latest scheme, you can throw kitty litter or oil soak up on any puddles. And as always, feel free to call 911 for a fire department response, especially if fuel is threatening wetlands or wildlife or other environmental contamination.
Mason C via Unsplash
Mason C via Unsplash
Not too mention the cost to the victim to get the hole in the tank repaired, which could run into the thousands of dollars.

A quick search on YouTube finds this is not a local problem, as communities across the nation are seeing similar crimes. Hopefully, the recent drop in the price of gas will put an end to this silliness.

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