Who is sick of all of the construction in downtown Grand Rapids?

Having to redo my entire commute to get anywhere has been an interesting and tiring thing to do.

Before you make your commute today, here are more construction updates for you.

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Division Avenue Reconstruction

On January 9th, the Economic Development Project Team held a meeting discussing all things related to the Division Avenue reconstruction projects.

As of now, the project area and tentative schedule will be affecting Division Avenue (from Fulton to Michigan).

Division and Fulton intersection will be closed for 4 months starting this July.

City of Grand Rapids
City of Grand Rapids

Besides the 4-month closure, there will be a utility replacement and relocation from now until November 2024.

The city is planning to upgrade the city's primary power and telecommunications system on Division Avenue from Fulton Street to Michigan.

They also plan to complete improvements for Consumers Energy, AT&T, and Vicinity Energy on Division Avenue from Fulton to Michigan Street.

As for the full reconstruction of Division Ave, it will be happening sometime in 2025.

In 2025, a few projects are being planned for execution, including:

  • Reconstruct Divison Avenue
    • New sidewalks and pavement
    • Raised separate bike facilities
    • New Decorative Lighting
    • 6 New Traffic Signals will be added
    • Water main and storm sewer replacement

With all of this construction, how do you avoid it all?

Division Avenue Detour Route

Thankfully, there are plenty of options for you if you want to avoid the Division and Fulton intersection closure.

You can take:

  • Northbound detour - use Cherry, Ionia, and Crescent
  • Southbound detour - use Coldbrook, Monroe, Louis, Ionia, and Cherry
  • Westbound detour - use Ransom, Lyon, and Ottawa
  • Eastbound detour - use Ionia, Fountain, and Ransom
City of Grand Rapids
City of Grand Rapids

When the Divison and Fulton intersection is open, you can take the:

  • Northbound detour - use Fulton and Ionia
  • Southbound detour - use Coldbrook, Monroe, Louis, and Fulton

What Is Happening At Lyon & Fountain Streets In Downtown Grand Rapids?

While the Division Avenue construction is taking place, the City of Grand Rapids will be making some changes that will help.

Starting Monday, April 29th, both Lyon and Fountain Streets will be turned into two-way traffic between Division and Ransom.

City of Grand Rapids
City of Grand Rapids

If you want more information, you can check out the full presentation.

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