Do you have old spices in your cabinet?

You may want to go look at the expiration dates, especially if it is from McCormick.

McCormick shared a warning for everyone who is using their spices.

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McCormick Warning

If your spices are too old, you may need to throw them away immediately.

In a series of Facebook posts, McCormick shared that,

"When’s the last time you took a peek into your spice cabinet? You should see “Hunt Valley, MD” on McCormick labels. If you see “Baltimore, MD,” the spice is at least 25 years old.”

One of the easiest ways to realize if your spices are old is if it is in a rectangular tin and packed in Baltimore.

If either of those are in your cabinets right now, go ahead and toss it in the garbage for me. Thanks!

No need to use old spices in your good cooking.

Side Effects?

If you are worried about any side effects or if you are going to get sick if you have old spices in your cabinet, you can calm your nerves.

They are not going to make you sick, however, it will be in your best interest to not use them anymore because they are no longer effective.

Over time, spices age and lose their flavor.

Tip Hero shared what you can use the old spices for if you do not want to throw them away.

  • Recycle the bottles and tins for knickknacks or new spices.
  • Use them in the garden or around your house to repel bugs. Black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, and peppermint are known to stave off certain insects.
  • Get crafty and clean! Make some homemade spicy bar soap by tossing in ginger, basil, cinnamon, or clove.
  • Turn your old spices into kiddie paint and let them create art with earth tones.

Metals In Spices

Back in January 2022, a class action lawsuit was filed and settled because the company failed to warn consumers about toxic metals that were in the spices.

There are a few toxic heavy metals that can be in your favorite spices from McCormick.

According to Metro Voice News,

"The McCormick spices that contained problematic levels of toxic heavy metals, including lead, arsenic, and cadmium included McCormick's Culinary Ground Basil, Ground Ginger, Ground Oregano, Paprika, Ground Thyme, and Ground Turmeric."

While that does not affect us now, just keep that in mind when you are keeping old spices in your cabinet.

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