A Michigan man's attempt to help out someone stranded on the side of I-94 almost got him hurt. His post to Facebook about the incident is going viral.

WILX reports that John Hadyniak shared the story online Sunday night.

Hadyniak was driving along I-94 near Belleville Road in Van Buren Charter Township when he saw a woman on the road changing a flat tire. He's  a mechanic, so he stopped to help.

When he pulled up though, something did not seem right.

The trunk of the car was closed, there was no license plate on the car, and no jack. The woman was holding a tire iron.

Hadyniak shone a flashlight on the car, and discovered a man laying in the grass nearby.

He says the couple then sped away in the silver Nissan Sentra, and he contacted the police

Haydniak shared the story to warn his friends and neighbors to be aware of their surroundings.

In a later post, Haydniak said,

What did I learn from this? As much as I want to help people and “do the right thing”, there’s just times that it’s not safe to do so. Hard and very lucky lesson learned but maybe my luck will be someone else’s eye opener to just call the police department to help with the situation.

Will I stop and help someone else in need again? Absolutely! But I may be a little weary of trying it alone at night on the expressway lol."

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