If you are a fan of adventure or just want to try something new outdoors this summer, there is an amazing opportunity for you.

It has been promoted heavily since it was first announced that it was coming to Michigan. Now, it is here!

Michigan's very first rail biking trail is open!

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Rail Bike Trail

The railbikes are pedal-powered carts on inactive railroad tracks, hence the name.

This is an activity that can be fun for a family outing since railbikes are suitable for all ages.

Wheels On Rails

Wheels On Rails is the first rail biking location in the state of Michigan.

According to the owner of Wheels on Rails, Macie Hefron, she fell in love with rail biking after working at the Michigan Department of Transportation.

"The original goal was to open wherever she could find tracks, and in searching for a location, she came to the realization that many Michigan railroads have been ripped out and made into bike paths. With years of research and several phone calls, trips, and perseverance, she was able finally offer rail biking excursions in her home state of Michigan. Macie wanted to offer a unique experience in a beautiful setting that guests will remember for a lifetime. She encourages you to try something completely new, as rail biking isn’t the most common of activities, in the hope that you’ll fall in love with it as much as she did!"

Located near southern Traverse City, Wheels On Rails offers several tours for as many as 42 people at one time!

You can come for individuals, couples, families, or large group tours.

There are two rail bike options: Tandem Bikes for guests of two and a quad bike for groups of four.

If you are ready for a fun summer moment, you can book your tour now!

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