This weekend in Detroit, the Riverfront Music Festival was a star-studded event!

While plenty of amazing performances happened, all people can discuss is what happened during R&B singer Monica's set.


Monica jumped from the stage in order to break up an altercation while headlining the show.

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In the videos that have gone viral from the incident, Monica stopped her show to address a man in the crowd after he hit a woman.

I applauded Monica for handling the situation. Plus, she immediately got back on stage and explained the situation to the crowd after apologizing several times.


After the video from the festival went viral, Monica commented under The Shade Room's post saying,

"I apologized there and I'm apologizing here for my actions but no one would take action! I was so triggered, I watched and she didn't appear to even know him! It appeared to be about space during a packed concert! He punched her with all his strength! My intentions were to prevent her from being hit again and she wasn't! I asked for help, it fell on deaf ears! It was like seeing my mother or an aunt be assaulted!! This woman was 50+ I pray she's okay."

Riverfront Music Festival spokesperson Andrus Macdonald also shared words about the situation.

"First and foremost, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Monica for her courage and decisive intervention during an unfortunate incident at our Festival. Her actions demonstrated a commitment to the safety and respect of her fans, reinforcing our belief that she is not just an extraordinary talent, but an extraordinary individual as well. We are truly saddened that an event meant to bring joy and unity to our community was marred by an act of violence. We strongly condemn any form of violence, particularly against women, and we are actively working with local law enforcement to ensure that the individual involved is held accountable. To our festival-goers, the well-being and safety of our audience, artists, and staff are always our top priority. We would also like to commend our attendees for their patience and understanding throughout this event. Your cheers of support for Monica truly embodies the spirit of our community and the music we celebrate.”

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