Before I begin embellishing about how far up my nose they stuck that swab (cause I'm a giant baby), let me first say the staff at the Sparrow Drive Thru facility (at the formerly Sears Auto Center in Frandor) ARE THE BEST. I thank them for taking such good care of me. I have been through here twice and they are so nice, kind, thorough, professional. I can't say enough nice things about them.

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Could you imagine a day and time where you can now DRIVE THRU and get life saving medical tests done? A model that usually puts fast food in your car is now what we use to get a blood test and Covid-19 sample. Seriously. I gave blood and got a swab shoved so far up my nose I swear it touched my brain at a drive thru.

I had to get blood drawn for a physical. And was asked if I wanted a Covid-19 antibody test done. And then I was scheduled for a medical procedure and they said I need a swab test done before I came in. So I was to be poked and prodded with swabs and needles all in the name of medicine, science, and coronavirus.

I figured I'd share my journey.

I have never had a problem with blood being drawn. Some folks can't stand it. I watch like a school kid.

The swab did cause a little anxiety. I had head stories about that giant q-tip. They described it as a slight inconvenience. They were going to put it up there. And you'd feel a little tickle. For a few seconds. It is nothing like you've ever felt before. It's over relatively quickly. And it's like they touch that part of your brain and nostrils that tingles and burns when you eat wasabi or horseradish. And it tingles for a little bit afterwards. As you're driving away you will look like this.

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing
McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

If you need to go get a test done with these wonderful folks, best bet is to get there bright and early when they open @ 6 am. I am truly thankful for the care they gave me.

Also, I got there right when they opened. Line was pretty small and it moved pretty quickly.

This all went way better and faster than I anticipated. And I have been here twice.  (I swear comparatively, I feel like I have waited longer in fast food lines considering the services each drive thru provided lol).

Thanks for your speed and care Sparrow.

Pictures, hours, and details below.

Sparrow Labs (
Sparrow Labs (

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