Dating can be a hassle! You go through the motions of small talk and getting to know someone else. But sometimes people hide the most important things.

People hide so much that West Michigan Facebook groups out people when they cheat or worse.

If you do not want to land in one of those Facebook groups, you may want to have a background check completed.

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There is a person who is doing just that for people. Before you go on a date, ask this man to vet your potential date first.

Ed Kolakowski

After over 25 years in law enforcement, Ed Kolakowski is continuing his career as a Grand Rapids Private Investigator.

Speaking with ABC 13, Ed shared that he

"retired from the Kent County Sheriff's Department in 2021. And my wife and I were talking about how we can make a difference in the community and decided to open up shield private investigations."

Shield Private Investigations
Shield Private Investigations

Background Checks

Using his police background, Kolakowski is opening his background check services for people going on dates.

"I think that before you get involved in a relationship, and you sit down and tie the knot and get your finances with each other and buy a house together, and then after that's all done, then you find out the true colors of who this person isn't that they weren't the person that they said that they were."

I agree! Dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble, do not do a great job of vetting out shifty people. So, you could get stuck in a sticky situation.


Plus, his $250 background checks will also let you know if someone is on the sex offenders list.

"There had been some that were registered ont the sex offender list. And the name that they had given on Facebook or on some of these dating sites was not the person that I actually found, who in fact, was on the sex offender list."

Before you get all dolled up for your next date, you might want to see if a background check is needed.

You can hit up Ed here.

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