What’s going on with all the power outages in West Michigan? I feel like Jerry Seinfeld after writing that line...

According to WZZM Saturday, South Haven spent most of the day without power. Power went out around 10:45 Saturday morning and AEP was able to find the problem around 2 PM finally getting power restored to the city just after 6 o’clock. According to WZZM, AEP energy reports they lost the main feed going into town and that’s what caused the blackout.

Then Sunday morning consumers energy reported around 2500 people were without power in Grand Rapids northside neighborhoods. According to Fox 17, officials had first said they would have power restored around noon but it looks like around 9:45 am all power was restored. There’s been no word on what caused the power outage.

Also, there's no connection or investigation, I just find it weird that on a beautiful weekend, random outages have happened. I blame all the squirrels

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