No one wants to deal with a ridiculous neighbor. Whether they are loud or threatening, we all just want peace in our homes.

However, conflicts between neighbors do happen.

Do you know what you can do if that happens?

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Can You Take Out A Restraining Order Against Your Neighbor in Michigan?

Well, yes but it depends.


You can but you need to prove that your neighbor is engaging in specific harassing behaviors for a restraining order.

Super Lawyers defines harassment as,

"conduct or words targeted at a specific person or that person’s family members intended to cause emotional distress or fear of being harmed."

What Behavior Does Your Neighbor Have To Engage In To File A Restraining Order?

There are several examples of the legal requirements of harassment.

  • Doing things to bother or target your pets
  • Trespassing on your yard, home, etc.
  • Threaten or attempt to build over the property line
  • Gives unwanted sexual remarks
  • Playing loud music or hosting loud events during local quiet hours
  • Uses derogatory comments about your face, gender identity, age, disability, religion, or sexual orientation
  • Threatens you or your family with physical violence

Besides A Restraining Order, What Can You Do?

While a restraining order is always an option, there are other options that you can do as well.

If you have a homeowner's association, you can address noise-related issues with them. Besides the homeowner's association, you can also file a noise complaint with local police.

Any harassment involving noise issues or unlawful property use may violate zoning laws. You can try to get an injunction from a civil court.

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