Your pets become a part of the family.

Imagine your furry family member going missing for months and you have no clue where they are.

That is exactly what happened to a sorority in Michigan, but thankfully there is a happy ending.

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The Kappa Delta sorority at the University of Michigan has a house dog named Peach.

While the sorority members were away over the Thanksgiving break, Peach was staying with a friend because she has really bad separation anxiety.


However, on the second day of staying with the sitter, Peach got loose!

Cindy Steinhauer, Peach's mom and house director of Kappa Delta, says that,

"I think it was because she was trying to find me. You know, she didn't see me in that house, she wasn't familiar with that house, and so as soon as she got an opportunity, she bolted out the door trying to find me."

Even though Peach's heart was in the right place, for the next four months, no one could find where Peach went.

Cindy, all of the sorority members, and other friends searched around Ann Arbor. They handed out fliers and posted on social media, hoping someone would you return their beloved Peach safely.

However, sometime last week, when Cindy came back to the sorority house after visiting a friend she was elated to find that a neighbor had found a dog that look just like Peach!


Of course, there were tears from everyone, after Peach was successfully brought back home.

According to people around the neighborhood, Peach seemingly fell into a house and one of the neighbors went to check out what was making a lot of noise. Thankfully, they were able to find the missing golden retriever.

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