Turning on a red light may a thing of the past!

It is illegal to turn on red at several traffic lights in Grand Rapids.

But if it was more permanent?

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No More Turning Right On Red

There are two lawyers on TikTok that shared that turning on red may be be coming to an end.


Maclen & Ashleigh of The Law Says What shared these details in one of their latest TikTok videos.

Did you know that most countries do not allow making a right on a red light?

"In the US, the practice all started back in the 1970s, when there was a huge energy crisis and the government thought that allowing cars to make a right on red would save fuel costs by preventing unnecessary idling."

The government forced all states to make it mandatory that you could turn right on red in order to keep their federal road funding.

However, over the past few decades, that has changed.


In New York, turning right on red is generally illegal. Also, Washington D.C. has passed  a right on red ban that will go into effect in 2025.

So, with all of these changes, will it become illegal in Michigan soon?

Will Turning Right On Red Become Illegal in Michigan?

As of now, it is not an issue for Michiganders. But with other states changing their laws, there is always a possibility that things could change.

How would you feel if it was illegal to turn right on red in Michigan?

If you want to see the full TikTok video, you can check it out below.

@the.law.says.what Right on red, RIP? #fyp #cars #law #nyc #dc #denver #chicago #cycle #bike #police ♬ original sound - Maclen & Ashleigh

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