If you receive a package that you didn't order, think twice before opening it.

Michigan State Police from the Bay Region are asking people to be aware of suspicious packages that some residents have received from other countries. The news release states that the packages were sent to Tuscola, Huron, and Sanilac Counties.

The packages are coming from overseas, mostly China, and showing up in the mailboxes of residents who have not ordered these items.

Thankfully, none had harmful content but it's still pretty random. Items included home goods, cleaning supplies, small electronics, and accessories.

MSP say that if you do get something like this in the mail, call 911 that way trained officials can handle the situation and determine if it's safe or not.

Another possibility for the mysterious gifts could be the work of scammers who may have hacked into one of your online accounts and ordered items using your personal information. It's best to double check your retail accounts and bank statements to make sure nothing is off.

According to MSP, with the holidays approaching scammers will be in full force. But if you've been keeping up with the news, you'd know they have already been rampant throughout the pandemic.

If this suspicious package story sounds familiar, that's because a couple months ago people all across the U.S. were receiving mysterious seeds in the mail from China. This issued a warning from the USDA to not plant the seeds. They were eventually identified as seeds of vegetables and herbs.

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