God forgives. Soulja Boy don't.

Soulja Boy has become one of the most unfiltered rappers in the game when it comes to social media. On Sunday (July 10), he clapped back at Afrobeats crooner WizKid for a tweet the "Essence" artist posted over 12 years ago that dissed SB.

Back in May of 2010, Wiz opined about Soulja Boy on Twitter. He clearly wasn't feeling the "Crank Dat" rapper at the time. "I swear soulja boy is wack!..jeeeezzzzz!" Wiz tweeted.

For some reason, it took Soulja Boy over a dozen years to catch wind of the post and respond in kind.

"Ya mama wack," Soulja shot back. "Shut ya bitch ass up."

Wizkid, who headlined the 2022 Afrobeats Festival in Berlin on Sunday, has yet to respond publicly.

Soulja Boy has been biting his tongue for no one, recently. For better or for worse. Back in February, he clowned Kanye West over Ye's messy divorce.

"Kanye, wake up," the "Rick and Morty" rapper said in an Instagram Live video. "Skete got your bitch, nigga. What you gon' do? Is you gon' keep posting memes of Marvel versus Capcom. Or you gon' lay the smack down? Lame-ass nigga. That's what the fuck you get, nigga. Nigga tried to play me. Nigga, you know who the fuck I'm is? I'm Big Drako. Now you running around Hollywood crying like a bitch."

The two rappers later made amends. During an IG Live rant the following month, Soulja Boy called out Lil Durk, Migos and more. In June, he appeared to taunt Trouble after the Atlanta rapper was shot and killed. Soulja also seemed to blast A$AP Rocky for claiming rap has been stuck in adolescence since Soulja came along.

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