After months of speculation, T.I. has confirmed his spit from his wife, Tameka "Tiny" Cottle. The rap veteran confirmed it in an interview with Power 105.1 radio personality Angie Martinez, which you can watch above.

Tip explained there is no animosity between them and that their focus is now on the children. “There is no beef. We good. We’re great," he tells Martinez. "Everybody else is the one that got the problem. We straight. We see each other, we speak. We spend time together. We good."

“That’s still one of the best friends that I have in the world," he added. “I can just be a better best friend than a husband.”

As the patriarch of the Harris family, Tip feels it's his duties to uplift the brand to greater heights. Marriage, he feels, is a distraction from that goal.

“It just seem to me that marriage and what marriage means and what marriage’s just one of those things that’s going to distract me and deter me.”

When Martinez pressed him about alimony, T.I. said that he doesn't have a problem paying Tiny alimony.

“Money isn’t an issue. I don’t care about that," he said. “The alimony pales in comparison to what I can do when I’m focused and push forward.”

T.I. also added that he's a single man and not tied down to no one.

“And stop putting me in relationships with people. Just stop putting me in relationships with people," he said. “I’m not in a relationship with nobody. I’m in a relationship with me and my mission.”

Meanwhile, Tiny is still clapping back at T.I.'s rumored sidepiece Bernice Burgos. Watch and read below.

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