T-Pain has been busy getting new music out lately, and his latest offering is "You Don't Know S---."

The Tallahassee rapper and producer mixed in his signature auto-tuned vocals on the track. The song claps back at a woman who's being judgmental and jealous about what T-Pain is doing on his phone. And as he goes from verse to verse, it's obvious T-Pain can't deal with her ridiculousness anymore.

"You be like... / Why she gotta like all of your posts? / Why you in there posin' with them hoes? / And I be like, damn though / Why you in there goin' through my phone? / Bitch I told you take your ass home / And you be like... / That ain't, that ain't... none of my business / That ain't, that ain't... none of my biz / And I be like do it then," he delivers on the first verse.

"You Don't Know S---" follows his previously released single, "See Me Comin." Listen to the song above.

Had to let off another one...you think you do but #YouDontKnowShit (link in bio)

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