If you were to have a scavenger hunt to find what may be lying at the bottom of the Grand River, what would you find?

When I asked this question, the responses I received were hysterical.

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Was anyone going to tell me about the bomb that was found in the Grand River?


Okay, well it was not exactly a bomb.

In 2021, the magnet fisher, Ryan McCollum found an two-foot-long artillery shell in the Grand River at the Sixth Street Bridge.

Wedding Rings

The Sixth Street Bridge is one of the most popular places to see a proposal happen. I wondered, "what happens if someone says no?"


According to my poll, many people think you will find thousands of rings at the bottom because of the fact that people said no to the proposal.


Honestly, the Grand River is sounding nastier by the minute.

In 2013, a dumpster was found in the Grand River by two men named Keith Brown and Wade Baumgardner.


Can anyone explain to me how an entire dumpster just magically shows up in the Grand River?


With the overwhelming amount of people saying that there are guns and weapons tossed into the Grand River, I have only one question...

What the heck is going on in Grand Rapids?????

Do you want to know which item was said multiple times by everyone?

Lime Bikes and Scooters

The number of people who said Lime bikes and scooters is actually hilarious.

Whenever people said this answer, it was purely because people lose control of the bike or scooter and they end up in the river.

At this point, stay clear of the Grand River.

Items Pulled Out of the Grand River, Lansing

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