Trick Daddy is not afraid to speak his mind on social media, but he may have gone overboard with his latest remarks about the newest fashion trend - the male romper.

Apparently, a group of designers launched a KickStarter campaign to create the “RompHim,” which is a romper made for men. The campaign has surpassed its $10,000 funding goal so expect these RompHim outfits at a store near you. Even apparel brands like Reebok are making ReeRomp by Reebok, which they are calling “Bro Rompers” for men.

The male onesie craze is both loved and loathed by folks on social media. Miami rapper Trick Daddy is not a fan of male rompers and expressed his disdain for them in an Instagram video.

In the clip above, the "Nann" rapper is counting stacks of money as if he's getting ready to pay someone. He then looks at the camera and reveals why he's counting his money. "I need me a shooter," he says to the camera. "To kill all them n----s who wear them motherf---in' rompers."

We are not sure if Trick Daddy was kidding or not, but we don't condone violence on anyone who chooses to wear a male romper. And quite frankly, the hysteria over male rompers is unwarranted and must stop.

Apparently, Trick Daddy wasn't feeling the backlash over his video and posted another clip addressing the haters on his page. You can watch Trick Daddy's expletive-filled video below.

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