If you use Uber ever in life, you may be excited about this new update that is rolling out in the United States.

This will supposedly help all parties, both the driver and rider feel safe and comfortable during the trip.

I want to hear how you feel about this new feature

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What is the new feature coming to Uber?


The new feature that Uber is rolling out right now is called "Record My Ride."

With this new optional feature, you can feel safe with your Uber riders because you can record your trip.

According to Uber's website,

"Record My Ride is a new safety feature that allows you to automatically record your trips through the Driver app to help encourage respectful interactions with riders."

How Can You Use "Record My Ride"?

The passenger and the driver can add this safety feature by enabling it in the "Safety Toolkit" section of the app.


Once you are there, you have the option to record your audio. Either person can begin recording audio at any time during the length of the ride. The recording will automatically end once the drive is over.

"If you make or take phone calls, [the] audio recording will stop but video recording will continue only if you have the Driver App open and you are still on a trip."

Can you or the rider play back the audio later?

Uber strongly says no to this question.

"No one can access the recordings, including you, your riders, and Uber."

Can Uber use your recording?

The audio recordings are encrypted.

According to Uber,

"Uber is not listening as the recording is happening. The recording is stored on your phone when a trip ends, and Uber cannot listen to the recording unless you include it with an incident report."

In order for your privacy to be met for both parties in the car,

"the recordings are encrypted on your phone and automatically deleted after 7 days."

So that means, if there is an incident to report, you have to report the issue as soon as possible. After 7 days, there will be no record of the audio.

What do you think about this new update?

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