Only in Russia.

Fox 2 Detroit has a story of a man in Nizhnekamsk, Russia, who begged a judge for leniency for his girlfriend who stabbed him 13 times and almost killed him.

Right now you’re like, “what’s the big deal? Everyone should forgive...”

Well true, but he didn’t just forgive, he apparently totally forgot because he asked her to marry him; right there in court.

Yeah, this dude really wants to marry the girl that stabbed him 13 times.  I mean I guess if you look at it or if you’ve ever watched CSI, Criminal Minds, NCIS, or any other crime show they say that 13 times would be someone who had feelings for their victim because that many times is personal.  But to me, that also would be the first sign that when the going gets tough, I’m going to die.

Like I said though, only in Russia.  Fox 2 says the judge has postponed the sentence so they “happy” couple can plan their marriage. And probably his funeral too.

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