There are a lot of things that are unique to Grand Rapids and Michigan.

If you are not from here, you are definitely going to become confused.

Here are a few things that are unique to Grand Rapids or Michigan that can be weird if you are not from here.

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Uniquely Grand Rapids Things That Are Weird


When I first heard about the WZZM's Weatherball, I thought it would be a little bit more helpful.

According to Roadside America, the Weatherball colors have meaning.

'13 Weatherball red, warmer ahead. 13 Weatherball blue, cooler in view. 13 Weatherball green, no change foreseen. Colors blinking bright, rain or snow in sight.'

Pointing At Your Hand To Tell People Where You Live In Michigan

When I moved to Grand Rapids, I obviously had to learn about where cities and counties were.

The best way people showed me where they were from in Michigan was by using their hands.

While it is a weird way to show location, in a way, it does make sense.

Party Stores

attachment-Sturgis Party Store

When I think of a 'party store,' I think of Party City or somewhere I can buy decorations for a party.

However, it seems to be a completely different situation in Michigan.

It essentially is a corner store or liquor store.

Open Houses

Open houses are typically for when you want to go on a tour of a house that's for sale.


However, I have learned that in Michigan, an open house is essentially a graduation party.

Reddit User GoWithTheFlow1393 shared,

I moved here from WV a week after graduation high school. I only knew my boyfriend but he had a ton of friends and family finishing school and when he said 'we have some open houses to go to this weekend' I was thinking ‘hold the breaks? I’m barely 18 and do NOT have money to buy a house yet’.'

What other unique Grand Rapids things are weird to you?

Want to see the full Reddit post? You can here.

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