Earlier this week we told you about the $25 credit you could receive from Consumers Energy if your power was out for at least 16 hours. Well, that’s changed a bit since the Michigan Public Service Commission changed this past weekend’s storms to a catastrophic event.

@MPSC tweeted out Wednesday morning, the storms were considered catastrophic, which means you have to have been without power for 5 days, or 120 hours to receive the $25 credit.

Here are the guidelines the MPSC set for utility companies on when they owe the credit, thanks to Lansing State Journal:

Any customer of an electric utility regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission is eligible for this credit after:

  • An outage of more than 120 hours under catastrophic conditions — events that result in an official state of emergency or an that (sic) cause an interruption of 10 percent or more of the utility’s customers.
  • A power outage of more than 16 hours under non-catastrophic conditions.
  • Eight or more outages during a 12-month period. Once a credit has been received, the 12-month period resets.


The tweet @MSPC sent out also says you have to have called your utility company to report the outage.. so hopefully, if you are still without power, you made that call.

As of Wednesday at noon, less than 2,000 customers were still without power, according to Consumers Energy Outage Map.

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