There is a hero in Allendale Township by the name of Tamy Geerts who spotted a car sinking in a lake, dove in and pulled the man from the car to safety.

According to WOOD TV, Geerts, a mother of two and a security officer at Grand Valley State University said, "I was terrified that somebody might be in there still. I took my shoes off. I took my socks off. I threw my glasses and I went in."

The incident took place at Placid Lake in Allendale Saturday afternoon.

Geerts said the man didn't seem to want to help himself during the rescue.

The man eventually got the rear window to come down and climbed in the back seat.

By the time Geerts got the man to safety emergency crews arrived and took over.

As she pulled the man to the shore, emergency crews began to arrive.

While Geerts was saving the man, her 9-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son watched from the family vehicle.

This was actually Geerts second time saving a man with a vehicle in the water. A few years ago a car rolled over in a pond and she helped the driver to safety.


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