Growing up in a Catholic school, I would always hear horror stories about the past treatment of students.

It is quite insane that there are some states that still allow teachers and staff to discipline students with physical force.

Do you think Michigan is one of those states?

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What is Corporal Punishment?


Corporal punishment in laymen's terms, to me, means spanking.

However, the Michigan Legislature has a full definition of what it is.

""corporal punishment" means the deliberate infliction of physical pain by hitting, paddling, spanking, slapping, or any other physical force used as a means of discipline."

Is Corporal Punishment Legal in Michigan Schools?


While there are 19 states in the country that do use corporal punishment to discipline students, Michigan is not one of them.

Find Law says that,

"In Michigan, corporal punishment in public schools is strictly prohibited "under any circumstances." However, reasonable force may be used for self-defense or in defense of others."

It is even described in detail in the Michigan Legislature Code Section 380.1312.

"Corporal punishment or threats of corporal punishment not to be inflicted "under any circumstances"; reasonable physical force may be used in self-defense or defense of others, to obtain possession of weapon or other dangerous object or to protect property or to restrain or to remove noncomplying child from interfering with order of school."

I am glad that I do not have to worry about any of that happening to any of the students I know in schools here in Michigan.

Do you think it is good that is illegal to use corporal punishment at schools?

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