You know, with all of the accidents that happen, maybe we should not drive anymore.

It seems a little bit out of our wheelhouse to accomplish.

Michigan Auto Law released the annual list of the most dangerous intersections across the state.

"Our goal is safety for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Each year we spend numerous hours compiling the data to produce this list to give drivers the information they need to possibly plan alternative routes. With all the outside distractions is increasingly important for pedestrians and people on bikes in these areas to be aware and pay extra attention."

These rankings are based on different police reports that involved car accidents within 2022.

All of the reported accidents that happened were within 200 feet of an intersection, including any near freeways.


If you live in Grand Rapids, you know there were a crap ton of car accidents last year so it makes sense on why two of the most dangerous intersections are right here.

Most Dangerous Intersections

You may want to avoid these two intersections in Grand Rapids.

I am not surprised that both of the most dangerous intersections happened on 131!

Both of the most dangerous intersections in Grand Rapids are:

  • US 131 @ Wealthy St with 98 total crashes and 10 injuries
  • Burton St SW @ US 131 with 78 total crashes and 35 injuries
US 131 near Wealthy St.
Photo: Google Maps

If you are anywhere in Kent County, you may also want to check out all of the most dangerous intersections.

Are there any intersections that you deem as dangerous that did not make the list?

These Are Michigan's Most Dangerous Intersections

If you're driving in Michigan you might want to avoid these intersections. Michigan Auto Law a Michigan-based law firm created the list of Michigan's most dangerous intersections using Police information from 2021 to determine which intersections saw the most crashes.

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