As an amusement park fan, it always breaks my heart that they are so expensive.

However, certain amusement parks are worth the expense.

I may get a tad bit controversial with this one but Cedar Point is WAYYYYYYY too overpriced for what it is worth.

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Overpriced Cedar Point

While they did drop their ticket prices this year, Cedar Point is still overpriced to me!

Douglas Sacha/Getty Images
Douglas Sacha/Getty Images

With how expensive ticket prices are, it is sad that there is no real guarantee that you will experience the full offerings of the park.

When I went to Cedar Point in August, I was only able to get one or 2 rides because the wait times were OUTRAGEOUS! I have never been to an amusement where the wait for each ride is 2 hours or more.

Cedar Point
Photo: Scott Winters/Townsquare Media

If I am paying an arm and leg, I would like to get on more than just one or two rides. Plus, the "Fast Lane" passes are even more expensive in order to skip the line so most people do not pay the extra.

Do not get me started on the food. You can easily rack up a pretty penny just on food alone. If you are coming with a family, make sure you have that extra money on your card just in case.

Cedar Point via GoogleMaps
Cedar Point via GoogleMaps

Keep in mind that Cedar Point is now electronic payment only for the most part.

If you do not believe my reasonings on why Cedar Point is overpriced, you might agree with USA Today.

USA Today shared that the United States

"is home to the third most overpriced attraction in the world, according to our analysis of reviews mentioning the word “expensive,” with spots in Iceland and Canada taking first and second places."

Within their list of 25 of the most overpriced attractions in the country, Cedar Point Amusement Park is sitting at number 19!

Also, the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, both located in Ohio, are also featured on the most overpriced attractions list.

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