Parents of students in the Grand Haven district will have to soon decide if they want to send their kids back to school in the fall or keep them home for virtual learning.

Grand Haven Area Public Schools released their plan for the upcoming school year outlining two different options:

Option 1: In-Person Learning

  • Offered everyday that's allowed by the state (phase 4 & 5)
  • Safety protocols in place
  • "If schools are required to shift to At-Home Learning, families can expect clear expectations, routines, and a rigorous curriculum."
  • If transition has to be made there will be daily live instructions and daily recorded lessons

Option 2: 100% Remote Learning

  • Roadmaps curriculum will be offered -- a University of MI learning plan for elementary students and Michigan Virtual University for middle school and high school students.
  • Lessons will be taught by GHAPS teachers

Devices for at-home learning will be provided to all students, no matter what option.

Students can still utilize the district's food and transportation services; plus social-emotional wellness and special education services will still be offered despite option choice.

Every week, teachers will monitor the needs of students and families to make sure they are doing okay or if they need any additional help.

Whichever option you and your child feel is best, you must commit to it for an entire semester. You have until August 10 to make your decision and can submit it here.

If the state is in Phases 1-3, all public school buildings will be closed other than to staff and teachers. For Phases 4-5, all staff and students (ages 5+) must wear a face mask/covering on the bus, in the hallways, common areas, and classrooms. Mask breaks will be allowed during meals & when "maximum social distancing is in place." Every 2-3 hours students and staff will have the opportunity for hand washing/sanitizing. Necessary supplies such as soap and paper towel will be replenished each day.

More information about the start of the school year in Grand Haven can be found here.

The first day of GHAPS is Wednesday, August 26.

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Grand Rapids Public Schools announced [last week] that the first 9 weeks will be virtual learning for all students. The first day of school is August 25.

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