Tiny Desk has been killing it this Black Music Month with the content.

Besides just this month, the Tiny Desk has gained worldwide recognition.

However, there is a bigger, more LOCAL reason why Tiny Desk deserves praise today.

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NPR Tiny Desk

From legends like Trina, Tank, Ab-Soul, Kenny Beats, and more, Tiny Desk has become an integral part of the music landscape.

The Tiny Desk series was started in 2008 by NPR Music at "All Songs Considered" host Bob Boilen's desk in Washington, D.C.

Yes! Tiny Desk is filmed at an actual tiny desk cubicle.

Recently, the Tiny Desk concerts have pulled from various genres and musical tastes, including R&B and Hip-Hop.

Since it is Black Music Month, the Tiny Desk team curated a list of amazing singers and rappers to be featured for the month of June.

So far this month, they have had featured

Charlie Wilson



Adam Blackstone

However, the latest installment of Tiny Desk featured an upcoming R&B artist, Ambré.

During Ambré's set, the Grand Rapids area may see a familiar face on the screen.

Ambré Tiny Desk Concert, NPR.
Ambré Tiny Desk Concert, NPR.

DeShaun Allen

Grand Rapids' very own DeShaun Allen is a part Ambré's latest NPR Tiny Desk performance.

Not only is DeShaun the drummer for the set, he was the musical director for the entire performance!

When asked what moment would stick with him from this experience, DeShaun replied,

"The moment that sticks out to me the most from this experience is honestly, walking into the building and people recognizing me from other things I’ve done, which is truly shocking how certain live performances stick out to people (somebody recognized me from doing made in America with Kendrick almost 10 years ago)"

DeShaun is representing Grand Rapids in a major way.

"Honestly, it ain’t the first time, and it definitely won’t be the last."

Watch DeShaun in action below!

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