The #GRSummerProject is officially underway in Grand Rapids, and kids and adults alike are excited to be the change that they want to see in the community!

Saturday, June 9, the project officially kicked off at Start Garden in downtown Grand Rapids. With 34 students writing in to take the pledge and 44 people coming out to hear more at Start Garden, our student teams will be working to bridge gaps & lead positive change on the following issues in our local communities:

  • Hunger/Poverty/Bullying
  • Bullying/Hate/Discrimination
  • Music Team - Entertainment and Venue Options
  • Safety, Police & Community Disconnection
  • Mental Health/School Challenges
  • Business Ideas

Students 6th grade through college freshmen wanting to join a team should do so now by taking the pledge and signing up here.

If you or your organization would also like to sponsor the project or get involved, please email

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