The GR Summer Project is in full swing, and students across West Michigan are hard at work identifying issues within their communities and coming up with solutions in their effort to be the change that they want to see.

Here are just a couple of the projects being worked on this year.

The Union High School Football Challenge

Cody Garrison, a senior and football player at GRPS' Union High School, took initiative after a photo went around last year showing just five fans in the stands for a Union football away game. Not only is Cody hoping that the community will support the team, he's hoping to show that the team supports the community. Cody also wants to find a solution for the transportation costs that many of his teammates face throughout the summer and the football season.

Kent City Students Work to Bring Back Annual Carnival

Dolan Bair, a junior at Kent City High School, learned about the GR Summer Project in his criminal justice class at KCTC. Dolan realized what an amazing event the Kent City Carnival was for the community. The carnival hasn't happened for the past couple of years due to a lack of volunteers. So Dolan, along with his friends Trent Buckner and Nick Flegal are working to bring this carnival back to their community.

Feeling inspired? Want to be the change that you want to see in the community? It's not too late to get signed up and take part in this year's GR Summer Project. Get all of the details, take the pledge, and get signed up here. 

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