The Humane Society of West Michigan recently asked the community to help raise operating funds with a fundraiser called Recyclables for Rescues. They were looking for community members to donate the returnables that have been piling up at home during the pandemic.

And the community seriously delivered.  So much so, the organization posted on their Facebook page that they had suspended fundraising efforts after receiving so many donations that they ran out of space at their building.

The Humane Society told WOODTV that the dollar amount of the bottles and cans collected is expected to be around $10,000. That money will come in very handy as the shelter hasn’t been making as much money as it usually does.  MLive says most of the shelter's funding comes from adoptions, camps, and classes.

While the Humane Society of West Michigan has run out of space, they aren’t the only shelter that had this idea for a fundraiser.  For the sake of being humane. which is located in Fennville, is also collecting cans, and said they still have space and would gladly take those returnables.

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