Excuse me! What???

People are tapping phones and now they are cameras in bathrooms?!

This is getting ridiculous!

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Cameras In School Bathrooms

It is insane that an actual state in this country is deciding to place cameras in school bathrooms.

According to WTVY in Alabama, Houston County schools are set to install cameras in school bathrooms soon.

North Carolina Clashes With U.S. Over New Public Restroom Law
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However, the devices will record in only limited areas.

Superintendent Brandy White shared that when parents heard about the cameras, they freaked out without knowing the details.

Why would they not freak out?

"(The cameras) cannot show the urinals, the cameras cannot show the stalls, can't show the doorway to the stalls, (and) can't show the mirrors that would reflect any of those things."

There will also be signs alerting all students that cameras are recording in the bathrooms.

While I understand the desire for safety, put cameras in the school hallways or the exterior of the building, not in the privacy of a bathroom regardless of what it will and will not record.

The superintendent also says that the cameras will stop students from fighting and bullying each other in the bathrooms.


Should Michigan Allow Cameras In School Bathrooms?

With this officially going into effect by the end of the year in Alabama, do you think that this should go into effect here in Michigan?

Besides Alabama, a high school in Colorado also decided to install cameras in its bathroom in 2017.

In my personal opinion, I am screaming NO from the top of a mountain.

Privacy is privacy. Simply put a camera outside of the bathroom, never inside.

Do you think Michigan should allow cameras in school bathrooms?

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